Arc HomeGoods Limited is a company registered in Rwanda dealing with the importation, distribution, acquisition, and sales of consumer products currently available in the market under a new brand. It also helps the customers acquire products that are not readily available in Rwanda from international manufacturers.

Arc HomeGoods Ltd aims at creating profitable opportunities for its clients by expanding the knowledge of products, creating demand for new products, and valuable membership offers.


To help people have easier lives and obtain value for their money anywhere and everywhere by progressively revolutionizing retail through e-commerce. To continuously create value for our customers through rewarding reseller programs through an extensive supply chain and customer service.


To be the preferred and go-to choice for customers who want to make their distribution and logistical handling easy and seamless


We guarantee the highest degree of professionalism, trust, and ethics throughout our dealings.


We will maintain the loyalty of our customers through rewarding membership packages, respect, timely services, and after-sales services.

We’re a family of a closely woven team of professionals with vast experience and expertise, which we share with our clients

We strive to have our customers save money without sacrificing quality through competitive prices.

We offer a wide variety of products to meet the current demand while creating demand for new products.

We take special care to ensure that your products are delivered in the same condition that we received them.

We walk the customers through the purchase journey to ensure that each customer’s needs are satisfied. We work with the customer to determine the most efficient and feasible means of meeting the customer’s special transport needs while maintaining the desired level of expectation.

We will continuously appreciate the contribution of our employees through monetary rewards and career progression. We will offer customers rewards for their loyalty through discounts and coupons